Why Do You Install Fireproof Curtains at Commercial Space?

Fire safety in commercial spaces,  whilst being of the ultimate importance, is something that unfortunately not all businesses uphold. But the consequences of negligence can lead to loss of goods, damage to property or in the worst cases, loss of life.  Fireproof Curtains are a vital and popular technology to escape such disasters in commercial units in the UK.

What is a Fire Curtain?

An automatically operated fire curtain is designed to prevent as well as control the movement of fire and heat around the building. It can be achieved by replacing non-load bearing walls which act as a compartment area to ensure safe evacuation from the building.


Fireproof curtains can offer business owners a host of safety benefits. They can protect a commercial building and its assets as well as the inhabitants, staff and visitors from deadly heat and toxic smoke emissions. These curtains are designed to be highly resistant and have a good aesthetic impact on a building too.

Previously, architects and designers faced a great difficulty in reconciling open-plan buildings with safety regulations. Regulations require that all properties must comprise of a clear way of escape and a means to restrict smoke and fire in order to control its spread. Because the open plan design consists of the removal of walls that ordinarily work as the fire and smoke barriers, an alternative replacement is needed.

It’s proved to be a growing problem as commercial open plan spaces play an integral part in the functioning of many buildings like museums, theatres and offices. This is where a fire curtain comes in.

Where can a Fire Curtain be Used?

Fireproof curtains are considered as far lighter than traditional fire safety products.  As discussed above, this allows them to ensure great design independence to architects.  Consequently, they are a suitable option for a great range of applications and spaces in a variety of buildings.

Due to their ability to separate large open spaces and close openings in corridors and walls, you can protect entrances by giving them a safe and clear means of escape. For this reason,  Fireproof Curtains are considered as the perfect safety solution for fire in commercial premises.


Before a fire curtain meets the current fire safety legislation, Fire Curtains should be protected against the effects of power failures and short circuits. In the majority of fire barrier systems, they are available with an electro-mechanical fail-safe system.  They are triggered by activation of the fire alarm.

Fireproof curtains offer a highly useful solution for their lightweight, agile and robust nature. They are able to compartmentalize the working space easily and provide acceptable boundary protection while remaining hidden discreetly. These curtains remain out of sight in the ceiling and above a window – where they are automatically deployed in the event of a fire.

Conclusion –The fireproof curtains at FireRatedShutter.co.uk are designed to protect your commercial spaces in the UK with an aim of minimizing any smoke migration in the event of a fire and to control the spread of the flames.

If you would like to discuss what fire curtain would suit your commercial space or you need a more bespoke solution to your commercial space and assets, please visit our website at http://www.fireratedshutter.co.uk/ to speak to one of our experienced staff members.


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